About Me

Hi. Welcome to my site. I am Alkhar Sarif. My career spans the art line. I have worked as a craftsman, model maker, 3D artist, draftsman and graphic designer. All of which being a craftman that I enjoyed most of all. That is what satisfies my desire to create something by hand manually. Right now, you are on my site. Well, the other thing is that I developed an interest in affiliate marketing in an online business. This is very contrasting to my inborn talent or natural interest. In the old times, doing business is limited physically. Now, with the Internet, this expands digitally and gives business more potential without having to come face to face with customers directly.

My site deals with the Clickbank affiliate network. Clickbank network has hundreds & hundreds of products, be it digital or physical. On this site I am focusing on health items. I believe that promoting these products would generate the desire to keep healthy and to avoid any health complications. Thus, it would give us a better and more meaningful life.